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Hello friends…It may seem that I have been absent from posting for a couple weeks, but really I have changed up my site. Please redirect your browsers to



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When I was planning my 80′s Prom Birthday party I looked online for all the help I could find. I was however limited to a very very small budget and most the sites I found had extravagant things I couldn’t afford.
I searched three local party stores and raided the dollar store nearest my house for anything remotely 80′s.

My first goal was of course finding the dress.
I had searched online and saw this dress on Hot Topic’s site. Then while strolling through the outlet mall I found it in the store FOR ONLY $10.

For decorations I found silver star streamers to hang from the ceiling, some multicolor streamers, and lots of balloons. We had planned on having a photographer do corny prom backdrop photos. I had the hardest time finding a backdrop so I improvised with a silver table cloth and two shiny garlands.
As seen here.
It could have been better, but we enjoyed it anyhow.
I put together two prize grab bags for the best dressed chick and guy. I found 80′s era candy Bazooka Joe gum and Mike & Ike’s, a rubiks cube, an over sized pair of shutter shades, and some dum dum lip balm. I also included a copy of Goonies and Ferris Bueller’s Day off on DVD .
The Winners were my pal Petrina who got her awesomely 80′s dress at Rhapsodielle and my bass player Chris who bought his awesome leopard print pants at Buffalo exchange, the vest and shirt at thrift stores.

Besides the outfits the music was a HUGE part of the party. I had spent hours loading and finding authentic 80′s music. I loaded a full 5 hour play-list on our backup ipod, it charged all day and then when I hooked it up to the PA it died half way through the first song. THANK goodness Petrina had an iPhone with Pandora on it and saved the day (another reason I need a smart phone instead of my dumb phone).

It was so great to have everyone participate and it was the best birthday party I have ever had!

My Totally Tubular 80′s Birthday

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On Saturday we had my 80′s Prom Birthday Party. To sum it up in one word, EPIC.
Everyone came ready to rock out in their 80′s gear and we all had a complete blast.
My outfit was 80′s punk. I had to watch videos on Youtube on how to do 80′s hair. Even with the training my hair didn’t want to cooperate so Brian had to arm himself with some Aquanet and fix it when we got to the party.
I found my dress at the outlet Hot Topic for only $10 and my gloves for $2. Can’t beat it!

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When Spring Attacks

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The weather this year has been odd. It’s been cold and windy this week. It also rained in the middle of the night a couple days covering the surrounding hills with snow. Just a few weeks ago we were wearing shorts and enjoying the 70 degree sunny days.
I like Spring. It’s not my favorite time of year but it’s not bad. Spring however hates me. Especially my sinuses.
The other day I was driving home from band practice and my driver’s side window just went down on its own and wouldn’t go back up. I blame it on Spring.
Spring broke my window cause it knows that with the wind blowing in my face until I can get it fixed will cause my allergies to attack.
And they have. Headaches, swollen itchy eyes, swollen glands, coughing, sneezing, and hives.
I took some old allergy medicine yesterday and it helped but I felt like I could fall asleep at my desk at any moment.
A few years ago after 3 sinus infections in a row due to allergies, a doctor recommended I get a humidifier. I have a warm mist humidifier that I keep bedside for when Spring attacks. It helps, a lot. I recommend anyone who has allergy problems to get one.
Now I know I live in a desert and most people have misconceptions that in the desert you shouldn’t have allergy problems. However, with Vegas’ ever growing population over the years came residents who wanted to make the desert not so desert-y and more tropical by planting trees and plants that weren’t native here and over the years all these plants mixed in with the changing climate made Vegas just as much of a allergy sufferers nightmare as California. Here’s an interesting article I read last year about the climate change in the Sun.

Sound-track: Stars : Elevator Love Letter

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I’ve been rocking out to Pandora while working my new awesome job. I’ve been finding new artists every day that I love.
This band Stars is my love of the day.


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Here’s a birthday shopping list for my millionaire friends/readers. Actually it’s a collection of cool stuff I’ve been geeking out on lately. Mostly since I feel like I’m in the prehistoric age with my 9 year old Mac G4, my dumb-phone (the anti-smart phone), and my lack of proper blogging necessities like a good digital camera, printer, or laptop. Yeah I’m stuck in 2002.

Bat Mirror

R2D2 Phone From Verizon

Nikon Coolpix L110

Darth Vader Lego Clock

Brass Knuckle Coffee

Star Wars Pancake Molds

Macbook Pro (yeah I'll keep putting this on my lists until I get one)

HP Photosmart ALL IN ONE

Boat Dreams

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Last night I went to sleep with a cloudy head and woke up to the smell of rain that had washed away the muck of the previous few weeks.
Sometimes I have a hard time looking into myself for the tools I need to fix things. Sometimes what I need is right in front of me. Sometimes I need a giant neon sign to tell me stuff before I actually “get it.”
Last night while falling asleep to the sounds of dialogue from About a Boy I was analyzing my recent moods, drama, and relationships and had a hard time dozing off with so many thoughts dancing around.
Then I dreamed about a boat. Hayden and I were in it while the boat was sinking and I was able to wrap him up in a blanket and jump onto a dock before it was completely submerged. From what I can tell after looking it up in multiple dream dictionaries, that means I’m ready to leave my major emotional problems behind me.


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